Dobson, Campaigning in Minnesota, Says a Democratic Foley Would Feel Different

Focus on the Family President James Dobson – who declared his intention, despite disappointment in the GOP, to work in key states to ensure the survival of the Republican majority in Congress – continued his “Stand for the Family” rallies in Minnesota, “one of three states targeted by his national group to mobilize ‘values voters,’ to urge support for candidates who take a hard line against terrorism, gay marriage and abortion,” reports the Star-Tribune.

Dobson noted that the Foley scandal is affecting even him, as he struggles to fit it in to the message he brings to his rallies:

Dobson, 71, a child psychologist, said Tuesday had been “a hard day” because of fallout from the abrupt resignation on Friday of former U.S. Rep. Mark Foley, R-Fla., after the disclosure of e-mails and lurid instant messages he sent to former congressional pages.

“I’ve had 50 requests for interviews,” Dobson said. “You can see the media salivating.

“Neither party has a cornerstone on morality,” Dobson said, “but if it were Democrats, it would have a very different feel.”

One observer has posted video on YouTube of Dobson’s comments on Foley.

Dobson in St Paul