Dobson and Boykin Expose The Muslim Conspiracy To Take Over The World

The other day we noted how Lt. General Jerry Boykin has become the right-wing’s expert of choice on all things Islam despite the fact that he believes that there is a plot underway by President Obama to take over America by creating an army of Brownshirts loyal only to him via passage of Health Care Reform:

So I guess it is no surprise that Boykin would show up on James Dobson’s radio program today to give his expert opinion on “The Threat of Islamic Terrorism” where he asserted that Islam is not a religion and does not deserve First Amendment protections and that the Muslim Brotherhood is currently entering “phase four” of a five-phase plan to take over America:

Boykin: Islam is not a religion. Islam is a totalitarian way of life and it starts with a legal system call sharia law. It is then a financial system, it is a military system, it is a government system, I mean it’s a geo-political system and that is hard for us to deal with, the fact that Islam is not a religion and does not deserve First Amendment protections.

In 2004, in Annandale, Virginia we discovered a false basement in a man’s home there. It turns out he was the operations officer for the Muslim Brotherhood in America. They went through all of the things in this false basement and they discovered a five-phase plan to take over America. And as you look at the plan, and it’s on the web, you’ll see that they are in the latter stages of phase three and moving into phase four very quickly. And they’ve done this just since the early Sixties when they came to this country and it is difficult for Americans, for Westerners as a whole, to understand that Islam is not a religion.

The Muslim Brotherhood was started in 1928 in Cairo. They didn’t do very well in the first decade, they only had about 800 members but then along came a guy named Adolf Hitler and Adolf Hitler began to fund the Muslim Brotherhood. That’s when he made the arrangements with the Mufti in Jerusalem and that’s why, during World War II, the Jews couldn’t return to that area because Hitler was funding the Muslim Brotherhood to keep the Jews from coming back.

Dobson: So it’s rooted in hatred for the Jews and for Israel and we have now our president and his administration dealing with, in some ways, surreptitiously with the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt and that works counter too our interests in Israel.

Boykin: That’s right. And when you say you are going to deal with the Muslim Brotherhood, you’re saying I’m going to deal with al Qaeda, I’m going to deal with Hamas – these are spin-off terrorist organizations that are part of the Muslim Brotherhood.

Now I think as we look at the situation in Egypt today we need to recognize that the Muslim Brotherhood is very much at the root of this thing.