Disavowed By Team Trump, Ann Vandersteel Continues to Fake It

(Screenshot / YouTube)

Ann Vandersteel, a YourVoice America host and a Pizzagate conspiracy theorist, was disavowed by Team Trump earlier this year after she repeatedly claimed she was a member of President Trump’s 2020 campaign advisory board. Since that disavowal, she appears to have joined a group reportedly accused of posing as an arm of the Trump campaign in Florida. Vandersteel’s Twitter profile now identifies her as being a member of the “Trump Team 2020 FL Media Advisory Board.”

The title is mostly meaningless.

Trump campaign attorney Lawrence Rosen was reported to have sent a cease-and-desist letter to Vandersteel’s new roost, called “Trump Team 2020,” which was created by pro-Trump activist Annie Marie Delgado last year. Rosen’s letter accused the group of misrepresenting itself as a booster for the national Trump 2020 campaign. Delgado denied those accusations but added disclaimer language to her group’s flyers and promotional materials. The Facebook page for the group states: “Trump Team 2020 Florida is not affiliated with ANY candidate.”

Nonetheless, Vandersteel announced that she would be joining the group to protest tomorrow’s debate between Democrats vying for the Party’s 2020 nomination for president in Miami, Florida.

Delgado has appeared alongside Vandersteel on multiple occasions and appears to be a fellow traveler in the same sphere of pro-Trump internet personalities. Vandersteel once broadcasted from a Trump Team 2020 gathering in Florida, showering praise on Delgado before the event.

Right Wing Watch contacted the Republican Party of Florida, which was reported last year to have sanctioned and chartered the group. A representative of the Republican Party of Florida told Right Wing Watch that the group is no longer chartered by the state party.

Vandersteel is a conspiracy theorist on all counts. She alleged that the white supremacist murder spree in Christchurch, New Zealand, earlier his year was a “false flag.” The byzantine QAnon conspiracy theory, she has claimed, has been crucial to preparing the public to understand the sort of things that will be rolled out by the Trump campaign’s “comprehensive media strategy.” She has accused 80 percent of government leaders of being involved in pedophilia. She has tweeted that “Pizzagate is real.” And in a video posted last night, Right Wing Watch reported, Vandersteel said it was clear that Hillary Clinton a worshiper of Satan.

Vandersteel did not respond to Right Wing Watch’s request for comment via Twitter direct message.

(Updated: 5:05 p.m.)