Dennis Prager Blames Everything But Guns for Mass Shootings

(Screenshot / YouTube)

Dennis Prager, a conservative writer and leader of the PragerU media enterprise, said yesterday that he blames the rise of mass shootings in America on a decline of religion, marriage and male role models in society. He also blamed leftists, who he says are encouraging “grievance” and “victim mentality” among Americans, which he claimed results in the fomentation of evil in the world.

“An essentially Christian population, which is what America was throughout its history, had two things going for it. One is, a biblical—that is a divine—what they believe, what I believe—is a divine code of behavior.  So, if you raise a whole generation after generation after generation to believe God himself, the creator of the universe, said ‘Do not murder,’ that’s not insignificant,” Prager said. He continued to argue that mass shooters are “loners,” unlike religious people who regularly attend religious events.

Prager went on to assert that “every murderer, and certainly mass murderer, is not only a male—is a single man.” He claimed that married men do not commit mass murder, with “very, very rare” exceptions. He also claimed that young men do not have strong male role models in their lives anymore and that unmarried leftists have convinced members of society who aren’t white Christian males that they have been systemically disadvantaged in America.

Prager U receives major funding from a pair Religious Right fracking billionaires, Dan and Farris Wilks. The Wilks brothers are staunch advocates of changing public school curriculums to include Christian teachings, and Prager predictably followed up his presentation with a question about reforming public schools.