Denise McAllister Thinks Men Being Nice Is ‘One of the Biggest Attacks on Masculinity of Today’

(Screenshot / YouTube)

Disgraced right-wing columnist Denise McAllister told religious-right radio host Eric Metaxas that men acting nice was one of the largest affronts to masculinity in our modern times in an interview on “The Eric Metaxas Radio Show” uploaded Wednesday.

During her interview, McAllister argued that women’s attempts to raise themselves up to be equal to men had “failed” and that feminists are now seeking to equalize gender by emasculating men.

“It is bringing men down to become more feminized. So, the effort to make women more masculinized failed, so now we’re going to attempt to make men more femininized,” McAllister said. “You really see this. You actually see it with the psychological association, and it’s reconstructing masculinity, which is a real thing that’s going on out there and making men more sensitive in a feminist way.”

It is unclear exactly what McAllister is referring to, but last year the American Psychological Association issued guidelines for psychologists working with men that contained a warning that “traditional masculinity ideology” was detrimental to men’s mental and physical health and can lead to violent and hateful behavior.

“As Christians, you and I know that a man—a good, godly man—is a man who’s gentle, who’s loving, who’s sacrificial. But those aren’t necessarily feminine traits. Those are good traits. Those are godly traits. It’s righteousness,” McAllister said. “And a good man is a strong man. It’s not just a man who’s all nice all the time.”

“I think one of the biggest attacks on masculinity of today is for men to be nice,” McAllister said.

Metaxas agreed with McAllister. “Yeah, well it’s kind of funny. Jesus wasn’t nice when he flipped over the stinkin’ tables in the temple and he used a whip—he made the whip. I find that funny,” he said. “He made the whip to drive them out. And I think today, we would just say, ‘He’s obviously just an angry white male without access to his anger medication.’”

McAllister was fired from The Federalist last year following a homophobic meltdown she had on Twitter.