Defending Christmas for Fun and Profit … Mainly Profit

It looks like the annual “War on Christmas” has officially started:

Liberty Counsel has launched its seventh annual “Friend or Foe Christmas Campaign,” pledging to be a “Friend” to those who recognize Christmas and a “Foe” to those who censor it … On its web site,, Liberty Counsel offers a Help Save Christmas(tm) action pack, which includes educational legal memoranda to educate government officials, teachers, parents, students, private businesses, employees, and others that it is legal to celebrate Christmas. The action pack also includes an “I ♥ CHRISTmas(tm)” button, an “I Helped Save Christmas” bumper sticker and button, and sample ads for use in local newspapers. The ads point out that celebrating Christmas is perfectly legal in schools, on public property and in private businesses and offer Liberty Counsel’s free assistance to those facing criticism for celebrating Christmas. Many churches have placed these ads in local newspapers. Thousands of public school teachers and administrators, who are members of Christian Educators Association International, have joined Liberty Counsel’s Friend or Foe Christmas Campaign.

For a mere $25, Liberty Counsel will sell you its “Help Save Christmas Action Pack,” which includes:

* “I Helped Save Christmas” button
* “I Helped Save Christmas” bumper sticker
* “I Love CHRISTmas”® button
* “I Love CHRISTmas”® bumper sticker
* Full-Page Christmas Ad to print in your local newspaper
* “The Memo that Saved Christmas” – two legal memoranda about Christmas in public and in the workplace.

Let’s see:  two buttons, two bumper stickers, two memos, and an ad … for $25.

What a deal!

So this seems like a good time to dust off this post from a few years ago noting just how lucrative this annual event had become for right-wing groups:

Basic math says the Liberty Counsel has pulled in an estimated $300,000+, the Alliance Defense Fund an estimated $500,000+, and the American Family Association an estimated $600,000+ from selling their “War on Christmas” wares.