DeAnna Lorraine Urges Women to Vote Like They Are Choosing a Boyfriend or Husband and Support Trump

Trump cultist, QAnon conspiracy theorist, and failed congressional candidate DeAnna Lorraine used her Tuesday night program on Alex Jones’ Infowars network to urge women to support President Donald Trump by “voting for your president like you would … choose a boyfriend or husband.”

Lorraine, who once praised Trump as “the dad of the world,” said that women should support him even if he’s “a little bit of an A-hole sometimes” because he is “tough and strong” and “the bodyguard of our country.”

“It’s time for you women to start voting for your president like you would vote for or choose a boyfriend or husband,” Lorraine said. “Let’s be honest. Who would you rather choose as a boyfriend or husband? Is it a man who is protective, tall, strong, an alpha male, someone who’s going to make sure that he protects you, your family, your country, who’s tough and strong, a little bit of an A-hole sometimes—just a little bit, sometimes? Someone who’s a little rough around the edges, but you know that he has strength, but he also has heart, and he’s compassionate?”

“Or would you choose a boyfriend or husband who is soft?” she continued. “Who’s a beta male, who’s a soy boy, who is weak, someone who doesn’t stand up for his convictions? Someone who just lets everyone else steamroll him and changes his mind and flip flops every other minute, who isn’t strong? Pretty sure that most women would choose a husband or a boyfriend who is that alpha male, and that’s what Trump is. He is not only the alpha male compared to Joe Biden—sleepy Joe, who’s completely weak—but he also is like the bodyguard of our country.”