David Seaman Prays God Will Destroy Google With an Earthquake

On Friday, Pizzagate conspiracy theorist David Seaman posted a video in which he prayed that God would strike California with a massive earthquake that would wipe out Google headquarters as punishment for booting him off of YouTube earlier this year.

Seaman, who we last saw standing outside of the White House screaming, “John Podesta rapes children,” is currently suing Google and YouTube for supposedly censoring and defaming him. To make matters worse, Seaman is now on the verge of being forced to shut down his Fulcrum News website because he is totally broke since the stream of revenue he received from his YouTube channel dried up after he was banned in February.

“Ten months of not having a YouTube channel and therefore not having all the traffic that came from that YouTube channel has been a death blow to our startup,” Seaman said. “Nobody seems to care that I’ve been censored, that I’ve been censored and de-platformed and de-monetized and I am out of money.”

“Now I’m a poor person,” he bitterly complained. “I don’t understand why the public would do that to me, attack me constantly as a liar. No, Pizzagate is real. I didn’t self-enrich off of it. I’m poor.”

“Let’s see a big earthquake in California,” he prayed. “A big earthquake to wipe out Google and YouTube. Wouldn’t that be beautiful? Wouldn’t that be an affirmation that God is still out there somewhere?”

“If we can get his attention for a few minutes, wouldn’t a massive earthquake in California to wipe these pieces of shit out, wouldn’t that be beautiful?” Seaman continued. “It can still be a glorious 2018. We’ve got enough time. A big fucking quake, that’s what I want for Christmas. That’s all I want. I want to see Googlers deep under the surface of the earth, thanks to tectonic plates. That’s all I want. From my lips to God’s ears.”

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