David Barton’s Incoherent Election Analysis: The Biggest Loser Was George Soros

Yesterday, Peter wrote a post on the post-election conference call hosted by Jim Garlow, Newt Gingrich, and David Barton that covered most of the main points that were made, but I just wanted to highlight this one section in which Barton tried to make the case that the biggest loser in the election was George Soros:

George Soros was the biggest loser in the nation – not President Obama, George Soros.

Soros has spent $46 million trying to get states to shift to get rid of elected judges and go to retention elections because then you can do what you do in Iowa.

The average return rate in a retention election is 98%, 98% of all judges facing retention get returned, it becomes a lifetime appointment. Iowa went against the trend, showed it can be done. Soros hated that because he had those judges in there for that very reason.

Soros has also, for the last two election cycles, put millions of dollars into getting Secretaries of State and getting Attorney Generals because in the case of Colorado, that’s the only state where we had a pro-life issue on the ballot, that was the Personhood Amendment in Colorado. But the Attorney General, one of Soros’ guys there, came in and added a line to the initiative that said, oh by the way, this is a thing that is going to absolutely destroy the right of people to choose all sorts of things. And it’s not part of the initiative but that Attorney General added it and I think that helped cause that thing to go down. So having Attorney Generals, they interpret these initiatives and put little tag lines on them to, quote, help people understand them.

And the Secretary of State, this is where recounts are done. He had the Secretary of State in Minnesota keep recounting until finally Al Franken wins it and then he says no more recounts, we’ve had enough recounts.

The same with Dino Rossi over in Washington state where he ran earlier for governor. They recounted until the Democrat got ahead and said, okay no more recounts.

Well guess what, Soros lost a ton of Secretary of States last night. They were taken away from him. Same with state Attorney Generals. Last night was a terrible night for Soros.

Keep in mind that Barton is Glenn Beck’s favorite “historian” … and if Barton’s interpretation of recent history is this absurd, what does that suggest about his interpretations of early America history?