David Barton’s God-Filled Government Curriculum Is Now Ready To Be Used In Public Schools

Last year, we reported that Religious Right pseudo-historian David Barton was putting together a U.S. government textbook and curriculum that he promised would “have a lot of God in it” and that was intended to be used in schools all over the nation.

Now it appears that the project is complete, as his WallBuilders website has rolled out a new page promoting “David Barton’s government curriculum,” titled “A Republic … If You Can Keep It.”

Along with a textbook, the course also includes several DVDs featuring a compilation of footage from previous programs that Barton and WallBuilders have produced over the years, including segments from Barton’s discussions with former Rep. Michele Bachmann for his recent “Foundations of Freedom” series.

This “state of the art” project is being promoted via a new video featuring Rick Green, a former Texas state lawmaker and Barton’s “WallBuilders Live” radio show co-host: