David Barton: Trump’s Tweeting Is Smart Because It Distracts The Press From ‘All The Progress We’re Making’

On his radio program today, right-wing activist and Religious Right pseudo-historian David Barton hailed President Trump for his use of Twitter, praising him for using it to distract the press from “all the progress” that is being made by his administration in implementing the Right’s agenda.

“Trump keeps tweeting and keeps creating all sorts of furor over what he is tweeting, and he tweets this and he tweets that and CNN is going apoplectic,” Barton said. “While they’re all beating up on him, nobody’s talking about what Tom Graves is doing in HHS or what Rick Perry is doing at Energy or what Scott Prude is doing in EPA. I mean, all these guys are getting all these things done and nobody is noticing.”

“I kind of think, you know, this is really pretty smart. Keep everybody yelling and screaming at him and they can’t see all the progress that’s happening underneath that they would yell about if they knew it was going on,” Barton added. “I love the fact he just keeps it stirred up and that none of the media are really covering all the progress we’re making down underneath.”