Dave Kistler: ‘Homosexuality Should Have the Same Stigma’ as Pedophilia

Earlier this week, the American Pastors Network dedicated a significant portion of its “Stand In The Gap” radio program to attacking Southern Baptist Convention president J.D. Greear over a sermon he delivered last Sunday in which he preached that homosexuality is “no worse a sin than others.” The program’s hosts—Dave Kistler, Sam Rohrer, and Gary Dull—vehemently disagreed with Greear’s sermon, insisting that homosexuality is, in fact, significantly worse than other sins, which is why the Bible calls it an “abomination.”

Kistler was particularly outraged by Greear’s comment, countering that in a properly righteous culture, homosexuality would have the “same stigma” as pedophilia.

“We have lived in a culture that has soft-peddled homosexuality,” Kistler complained. “Pedophilia still has a stigma to it. Homosexuality should have the same stigma, but a politically correct world has taken the stinger out of the stigma. But homosexuality is not an affliction any more than pedophilia is an affliction; it is an abominable choice.”

“Homosexuality,” Kistler added, “is not equal [to other sins] in its heinousness, and God takes a particular view of this. It is the consummate example—homosexuality is—of defiance against the God of heaven because it totally mars, it destroys, it bashes the beautiful picture that marriage is to embody, and that is the relationship between Christ and his bride, the church.”