Dave Janda Claims to Have Knowledge of ‘Staggering’ Democratic Voter Fraud

Right-wing conspiracy theorist and radio host Dave Janda posted a video today in which he claimed that authorities had discovered “staggering” evidence of widespread Democratic voter fraud in polling places all across the country.

Janda, who regularly cites supposedly highly placed anonymous “sources” when floating his baseless claims, declared that he had heard from just such a source last night that “a staggering number” of electronic voting machines across the nation were found to have been pre-programmed to cast votes only for “Democratic globalists candidates.”

“These machines—direct quote from my source, ‘a staggering number’—were taken out, new ones were put in that were legit, no votes present,” Janda said. “The machines that were taken away are under guard … It is my understanding that law enforcement is also involved in all this. It is also my understanding that people that were involved in the tampering of machines, a number of people have been arrested and a number of people have been spilling the beans on who hired them and who directed them.”

Janda went on to assert that it was very “interesting” that “globalist” political analyst and statistician Nate Silver has predicted that Democrats have an 86 percent chance of gaining control of the House in the midterm elections, but has also admitted that it is entirely possible that Republicans could retain control.

“It sounds like Nate backpedaled a whole lot. I hope he didn’t get whiplash in the process,” Janda smirked. “Now maybe Nate got wind that some of these machines that were being tampered with were being taken down and maybe that’s why, all of a sudden, he started to change his tune.”