Dave Hayes: Q’s Promised Mass Arrests Will Happen Within a Year and Will Destroy The Democrats for a Generation

Dave Hayes, a Christian author and online activist known as the “Praying Medic,” teamed up with Trump-loving MAGA activist Brenden Dilley for a joint broadcast on Saturday, during which Hayes predicted that mass arrests of prominent Democrats and thousands of business, media, and entertainment leaders will happen within the next year which, he said, will destroy the Democratic Party for a generation.

Hayes has been one of the leading proponents of the QAnon conspiracy theory, which claims that Trump administration insiders have been dropping hints for years about a supposed plan to take down the “deep state” and its worldwide satanic pedophilia network, and his videos promoting and explaining QAnon’s cryptic postings have racked up hundreds of thousands of views on YouTube. A key component of this conspiracy theory is the idea that the Trump administration has already filed tens of thousands of sealed indictments that will one day soon be unsealed as thousands of high-ranking officials are rounded up, tried, and executed.

“Q has often said,” Hayes claimed, “this is going to be the end of the ‘D Party.’ The end of the Democrat Party … What we are going to see in the next year unrolled is likely hundreds of members of Congress—most of them Democrats, some Republicans—they’re going to be arrested and they’re going to be prosecuted for corruption. It’s going to happen. We’re going to see a lot of people in Hollywood rolled up and prosecuted for corruption.”

Hayes claimed that the Trump administration had warned members of Congress that they were going to be prosecuted if they remained in office, which he alleged is what prompted dozens of Republicans to announce that they would not be seeking re-election in 2018. But Democrats refused to resign, Hayes said, which means that they will soon be indicted, imprisoned, and possibly executed.

“The people who decided to stay in—[Rep. Jerry] Nadler, [Rep. Adam] Schiff, I could go on—they are going to be prosecuted,” Hayes said. “When you see top-level FBI, Department of Justice, State Department, White House staff, people in Congress prosecuted, some of them are probably going to go to Gitmo, and some of them may be executed … That is going to have an indelible impact on the minds and psyche of an entire generation.”

“Think about an entire generation of people watching hundreds or thousands of government and corporate and Hollywood people being prosecuted for corruption,” he continued. “Do you think those people are going to want anything to do with that culture, that Democratic Party? Why did nobody join the Nazi Party after World War II? Because the Nazi Party was exposed as an evil, corrupt, vile, disgusting party.”