Dave Daubenmire Says Not A Day Went By That He Didn’t Worry He’d Be Hauled Off By Obama’s Government

Right-wing pastor and radical Religious Right activist Dave Daubenmire said on his “Pass The Salt Live” webcast this morning that there was not a day that went by during the Obama administration when he didn’t prepare himself for the possibility of government agents hauling him away.

The election of Donald Trump was the work of God, Daubenmire said, designed to give a righteous Christian “remnant” an “opportunity to stand up and be counted” because “we are in dangerous times.”

“Since Obama got in office,” he said, “there was not a night—not a night—that I didn’t go to bed at night, when I turned off the lights in the house, I looked out the window and locked the door, there was not a night that I went to bed and didn’t wonder if this isn’t going to be the night that those black SUVs are going to pull up. I’m telling you, not a night. That was always a possibility in my thought process.”