Dave Daubenmire Now Claims His Meeting With Bill Barr Was a Warning From God

In late October, a small group of right-wing activists, led by radical religious-right bigot Dave Daubenmire, carried out a series of protests demanding that Joe Biden and former President Barack Obama be arrested, tried, and executed for treason. As part of that effort, Daubenmire and crew also protested outside the home of Attorney General William Barr, who personally came out to meet the group, pray with them, and take photos.

In the days following that meeting, Daubenmire was elated, marveling at how God had miraculously orchestrated his meeting with Barr. And when, just a few days later, President Donald Trump refused to accept the results of the 2020 election and concede, Daubenmire was positively giddy, declaring that he and his group had been supernaturally sent to Barr’s home to give him “a little bit of spine and a little bit of courage” to expose the allegedly rampant voter fraud that had supposedly stolen the election from Trump.

“God sent us to Bill Barr’s house for a reason,” Daubenmire declared during the Nov. 6 broadcast of his “Pass The Salt Live” program. “This is going to be corruption revealed so deep that if we dig it out, there will be a chance for our children and our grandchildren.”

Yet, when Barr said Tuesday that the Department of Justice had found no evidence of widespread voter fraud, Daubenmire was apoplectic, declaring on his Wednesday program that, contrary to his earlier assertion that they had been divinely sent to encourage Barr, he and his fellow right-wing activists had actually been sent to Barr’s home as a warning from God.

“If Bill Barr said that, thank God, Lord, you’re exposing him,” Daubenmire said. “I know it’s the deep state. I know Barr could be involved with it. I know the FBI is corrupt. I know the CIA is corrupt. I know the media. I understand. I see the whole picture.”

“God’s will will be done, but could it be it is being delayed because people who have been given an assignment haven’t done them?” Daubenmire screamed. “Is it Bill Barr? Is he one of them? Is Bill Barr gonna stand before Almighty God and the Lord says to him, ‘What are you doing down there? I sent 33 guys to your house, and I gave you a warning, and you ignored it, Bill. You ignored it.'”

“We thought, some of us, we were going to Bill Barr’s house to get him to vote the right way, to do the right thing,” Daubenmire concluded. “Maybe we were just showing up as a witness to Bill Barr: You’ve been warned, brother. We came in peace, and you have been warned.”