Dave Daubenmire Melts Down Over Criticism Of Trump’s Family Separation Policy

Anti-choice/anti-LGBTQ Religious Right activist Dave Daubenmire had a bit of a meltdown on his “Pass The Salt Live” webcast this morning over criticism that the Trump administration’s policy of separating children from their parents who attempt to cross the southern border illegally is unchristian.

Daubenmire fumed that liberals, who he insists are not Christians, are misusing the Bible to paint conservative Christians as heartless and uncaring for supporting the family separation policy. The Bible’s commands to care for the poor are directed at individuals, not the government, he said, which means that there is nothing unbiblical about separating children from their parents.

“If you really want to help the people on the border, go get them and bring them into your house,” Daubenmire bellowed. “But don’t make me do it! That’s between me and the Lord … I’m sure as H-E-L-L not going to make sure that the government takes care of them. I thought there was a separation between the church and the state? I thought morality was personal? Yet the government is telling the church how the church should behave!”

“They murder babies, the light up the White House with rainbow colors and then tell us how we’re supposed to treat children?” he screamed. “It’s the devil. It’s the stinking devil! Deception! I’m ticked off!”

Later in the webcast, one of the participants asserted that those who are crossing the border are not even real families but are “gang members” are are trying to sneak into the country, while pastor Dale Sochia of King Jesus Ministries on Louisiana misrepresented a statement from a border patrol agent to claim that undocumented parents are giving their underage daughters birth control and Plan B pills so that they can “use their children as sex to pay to get them into America.”

“These parents are wicked,” Sochia said.