Dave Daubenmire Launches Hurricane Relief Effort To Teach People To ‘Depend On God, Not On The Government’

On this morning’s “Pass The Salt Live” webcast, extremist Religious Right activist Dave Daubenmire announced that his “Salt and Light Brigade” organization will be heading down to Texas to provide relief to those impacted by Hurricane Harvey, asking viewers to donate to his effort instead of groups like the Red Cross because the catastrophic disaster provides them with a great opportunity to reach desperate people “who are going to be open to the Gospel” and teach them to “depend on God, not on the government.”

“We find the greatest work gets done Christian-to-Christian,” Daubenmire said, explaining that his group is working to raise $20,000 to buy supplies that can be distributed through a local church in order to spread the Gospel.

“Everybody can go right now and donate all kinds of money to the Red Cross and to the Salvation Army,” Daubenmire said. “What we’re going to do, we are going to take our supplies and we’re going to partner with a church down there and hand out relief supplies through the church, which builds relationships in the community. We think that’s far more important than the Red Cross coming by and giving you a meal. There is no Gospel that comes with the Red Cross and these people down in Houston, I’m gonna tell you, they are going to be open to the Gospel.”

“Please, don’t send your donations to the Salvation Army and please don’t send them to the American Red Cross. Please don’t do that. Please. Send them to us and we will take what we get and we will take it from Christian to Christian,” he added. “This is critical. Now is the time for people to be taught to depend on the church, depend on God, not on the government.”