Dave Daubenmire Is Willing to Cut Trump ‘Some Slack’ for Effort to Decriminalize Homosexuality Because He’s Just ‘A Babe in Christ’

Dave Daubenmire is an extremist Religious Right activist who has spent years railing against abortion, protesting outside of women’s health clinics, and endlessly denouncing the “homosexual agenda” and the “homos” and “sodomites” who support it.

Even by Religious Right standards, Daubenmire is a zealot who has no qualms about attacking those on his own side who do not share his hardline views or are willing to compromise on these issues for the sake of political expedience.

For instance, he once attacked the Family Research Council and the American Family Association for tolerating ongoing federal funding of Planned Parenthood and mocked evangelical leaders for engaging in “idolatry” by sacrificing their principles for the sake of access to President Trump.

Therefore, it was rather surprising to see Daubenmire have a screaming meltdown on his “Pass The Salt Live” program earlier this week in response to “single-minded” Christians who dared to criticize Trump for signing a spending bill that continues to fund health services provided by Planned Parenthood.

“I’m in his corner,” Daubenmire said in defense of Trump. “I don’t get it all, but I ain’t gonna be Fat Joe sitting in the peanut gallery telling him how he should have played it. He knows stuff I don’t know. He knows stuff you don’t know. And if I hear one more person scream and holler on Facebook, ‘Well, if Trump was really with us, why wouldn’t he defund Planned Parenthood’ … He says, ‘Listen, if I try to defund Planned Parenthood, this is gonna raise an unbelievable stink and there ain’t nobody on my team.'”

Daubenmire blasted those “daggone single-minded, single-issue Christians” who only care about ending abortion and fail to realize that “it can’t always be the first issue that you take on.”

Even more amazingly, Daubenmire actually defended the president on his program today in response to the news that the Trump administration is launching a global effort to press for the decriminalization of homosexuality.

Despite the fact that just last year, Daubenmire said that society must “re-stigmatize homosexuality,” and has regularly attacked politicians for promoting acceptance of LGBTQ people he announced today that he is cutting Trump “some slack” on this issue on the grounds that the president is just “a babe in Christ.”

“Trump now appears to be leading the parade for homosexuality,” he said. “I get criticized a lot of times because people say, ‘Coach, you’re always giving him slack, you’re never holding him to account.’ Well, I think there is probably some truth to that, but a couple of things I think are important for everyone to understand: I don’t know where Donald Trump is with his faith. I don’t know where. Those around him say that he received Jesus. I don’t know. I don’t know. But if he did receive Jesus a few years ago, he’s a babe in Christ and think where you were in your Christian walk in your second year in your Christian walk.”

“I don’t know if he’s Christian, but I continue to give him a break,” Daubenmire admitted. “I give him a break because, guys, he’s not as deep a Christian as you are or I am … So, yeah, I continue to give him some slack.”