Dave Daubenmire: Illuminati Tricked Americans Into Watching Lady Gaga’s ‘Celebration Of Satan’ At The Super Bowl

Radical Religious Right activist Dave Daubenmire dedicated his “Pass The Salt Live” webcast yesterday to railing against Lady Gaga’s halftime performance during the Super Bowl, declaring that the Illuminati had managed to trick millions of Americans into watching her perform a “celebration of Satan.”

“The scriptures tells us that Satan comes as an angel of light, so Lady Gaga, she disarmed everybody when the first thing she started to do the other night at halftime was sing ‘God Bless America,'” he said. “And from that point on, she went into ‘This Land Is Your Land, This Land Is My Land’ and we were all hooked. Oh, what a beautiful … she’s honoring God. We didn’t ask which god, did we? We didn’t ask which god. That name ‘God’ doesn’t mean a whole lot; there’s a lot of gods. He said He’d have no other gods before him, so Lucifer could be a god. Do you understand that, folks? Do you understand that, how they lured us into the celebration of Satan right in front of us?”

Daubenmire said that Christians had been lured into watching Lady Gaga’s performance by media reports that said she would use her halftime performance to attack President Trump but then instead use it to perform a “demonic service right there in the middle of Super Bowl.”

“There must be powerful forces at work that could get Lady Gaga this gig,” Daubenmire said, speculating that some sinister Illuminati/Church of Satan/Masonic organization had pulled the strings to make it happen.