Dave Daubenmire: Christians Must ‘Embrace The Hate’ Against Atheists Who Are ‘Teaching Our Kids Homo Sex Is Normal’

Religious Right activist “Coach” Dave Daubenmire flew into a fury on his “Pass The Salt Live” webcast last week, calling on conservative Christians to start displaying more “righteous anger” over the fact that “your grandkid is gonna be a homo” because of the public schools.

Daubenmire returned to this theme on his webcast this morning, calling on Christians to “embrace the hate” by taking a bold stand against the things that God despises.

“I wish you would join me in hating what they’re doing to our children in school,” he said. “I hate it, man. I absolutely hate what they’re doing … They’re misleading children in our schools and we don’t hate it. I can promise you this, the Lord hates it. I promise you this, the Lord hates those who are indoctrinating little children into sodomizing. I can promise you, the Lord hates that. He hates it! Now, the question we need to ask ourselves is why don’t we?”

“God doesn’t just hate the atheist,” Daubenmire declared. “He hates those of us who allow atheists to teach lies to our children. Oh, He hates it … The devil and his team are constantly trying to rip the innocence out of the heart of those little kids and it’s going on with our approval and we’re warned all throughout the scripture, if you let that continue, you’re in sin.”

“We’re supposed to love these wicked people?” Daubenmire screamed. “Supposed to love the pedophiles? Supposed to love the people, the teachers in public schools that are teaching our kids homo sex is normal? We’re supposed to love that? No way! What is wrong with us?”

“Go find another job, dude,” he said. “You ain’t doing that to our kids, dude.”