Dave Daubenmire Blasts Christians Who Refused To Support Roy Moore Just Because He ‘Maybe Molested A Girl 40 Years Ago’

Religious Right activist Dave Daubenmire dedicated his “Pass The Salt Live” webcast this morning to analyzing Roy Moore’s loss in the Senate election in Alabama, blaming Christians who were too self-righteous to vote for Moore simply because he may have molested some teenage girls decades ago.

“We had an underbelly that was exposed to us last night,” he said. “If you guys don’t think that we’re in trouble—remember when I was telling you that it’s about the destruction of white Christian male? Do you remember that? This whole thing is all playing out that very thing, the destruction of the white Christian male. And the left, the God-haters, the devil has had tremendous influence in the lives of Christian believers, there is no other way to explain that mess that happened down in Alabama.”

Daubenmire blasted Christians who refused to support Moore simply because he “maybe molested a girl 40 years ago” but were willing to vote for a Democrat “who wants to kill babies.”

“When they weighed those two things in the balance,” he said, “evangelicals said, ‘My faith will not allow me to elect the man that lies or molested a child, instead I’m going to elect this guy here who wants to kill babies.’ Now, folks, I don’t care who you are, that is a delusion right there, that is a strong delusion and it is evidence that we do not love the truth.”

Yesterday, Daubenmire said that Moore would be right to lie about the alleged molestation if doing so “advances the kingdom of God.”