Dan Fisher Dismisses Mississippi’s 15-Week Abortion Ban For Not Going Far Enough

Pastor Dan Fisher is one of many candidates seeking the Republican nomination to be Oklahoma’s governor and is hoping to separate himself from the pack by vowing to criminalize abortion as soon as he takes office and ignore any court rulings that get in his way. That extreme position has endeared him to radical anti-choice activists, who have rallied to support his campaign.

Today, Fisher joined deeply misogynistic, anti-gay, anti-choice, anti-Semitic, anti-interracial-marriage Religious Right activist and conspiracy theorist Dave Daubenmire on his “Pass The Salt Live” webcast, where he dismissed Mississippi’s newly enacted law banning abortion after 15 weeks for not going far enough.

“What happens to the baby that’s 14 weeks?” Fisher said. “I guess it gets killed. ‘I just got to the concentration camp here at Auschwitz—oh, you’re killing all the ones that got here yesterday? Whew, I’m safe for today. Oh wait, tomorrow I’ll be the one who got here yesterday.’ I mean, it’s just nonsense. What you do is you shut the dadgum camp down.”

“Why is it that we won’t incrementally end rape?” he continued. “If the person is 20 or younger, rape them all you want, but if they’re 20 or older, you can’t rape them. And then next year, we’ll say you can’t rape anyone after they’re 19 and so we’ll just start working our way down.”

“You’d get thrown in jail for that,” Fisher said. “We wouldn’t do this in any other world except here. This is insane. We all know it’s insane.”