CWA’s Religion Test

It has been a few days since it was first reported that Rep. Pete Stark (D-CA) is a self-described “Unitarian who does not believe in a Supreme Being” (i.e., an atheist) and the Right has been strangely silent. 

But now Concerned Women for America has stepped forward as the first right-wing organization to publicly criticize Stark: 

“It is unfortunate in a society that is going down the path of godlessness and making right wrong and wrong right, that we continue down this path by celebrating one member of Congress who denies that God exists altogether,” Concerned Women for America Director of Legislative Relations Mike Mears told Cybercast News Service.

“The founding fathers … founded this country on godly principles,” Mears said. “Fifty-one of the 56 signers [of the Declaration of Independence] had a Christian worldview and [Stark] wants to change that and celebrate – basically – godlessness.”

“I think a Christian worldview is proper for a politician to have,” he said. “I want them to be looking outside of themselves for answers to big issues.”

Considering that CWA’s Founder and Chairman Beverly LaHaye, wife of “Left Behind” author Tim LaHaye, reportedly believes that “politicians who do not use the Bible to guide their public and private lives do not belong in office,” it is not surprising that CWA would be seem to be openly advocating a religious test for all those who hold public office.