CWA Surveys Itself, Finds It Supports Its Agenda

What do you suppose happens when Concerned Women for America issues a slanted survey to its activists about how they feel about the “radical homosexual agenda”? 

If you guessed that CWA would get a bunch of responses saying they disapprove of it and then present the results as evidence that there is “overwhelming public concern” about it, then you’d be right:

Last fall, Concerned Women for America (CWA) conducted a survey of its members’ opinions about the impact of the radical homosexual agenda in the public schools. Thousands of members participated in the survey. As expected, CWA members feel strongly about these issues. They are rightly alarmed at the pervasive influence of activists whose agenda has nothing to do with education and everything to do with evangelizing young people into a dangerous and harmful lifestyle.

The results of the National Impact Survey of the Radical Homosexual Agenda on America’s Public Schools showed overwhelming support for common-sense approaches to education. Clearly, CWA members have a strong preference for schools to be free of radical politics and free to focus on the “Three Rs.” The radical homosexual agenda has nothing to do with education and no place in our public schools.  

CWA says that while only a small percentage of its members actually replied, we can rest assured that those who did “speak for hundreds of thousands more who did not receive the survey or could not reply” and has now released its scientifically indisputable findings:

1. Do you support teaching children in grades as early as kindergarten that cross-dressing is acceptable? CWA members do not support this.

2. What kind of impact do you believe this kind of teaching would have on young children? CWA members universally felt such instruction would have a negative impact on young children.

3. Do you believe school children as young as 13 should be exposed to explicit, detailed discussions and instructions on homosexual practices (including sodomy) as are being conducted by homosexual teachers and activists right now? CWA members in every state said “no.”

4. What kind of impact do you believe this kind of instruction would have on young children? Again, CWA members felt strongly that such instruction would have a negative impact.

5. Do you believe the increase of homosexual experimentation among teens is related to presentation of pro-“gay” instruction in the classroom? Yes, the vast majority of respondents felt this was very likely.

6. Is it possible for the radical homosexual agenda to succeed in achieving its overriding goal of changing the moral character of our young people and the moral landscape of our nation through our schools? The overwhelming response was “yes” – CWA members clearly understood the danger of attacking moral standards.

7. What impact would this have on our nation and the next generation leading it? Most responses followed logically: If our moral character and the nation’s moral landscape fall prey to the radical homosexual agenda, the result will be negative and future generations will suffer.

8. Do you agree that instruction in some classrooms is a blatant push to unashamedly promote and encourage the homosexual lifestyle and ultimately force “gay marriage” on the American public? Yes, most respondents agreed some activists would not be able to resist pushing their agenda to its most extreme.

9. Do you feel instilling positive views of homosexuality in schools will result in America accepting same-sex “marriages”? Huge majorities of responses agreed they felt this was likely.

10. Do you agree that homosexual “marriage” is as valid as traditional marriage, as is being taught in some school districts? Most responses indicated they did not agree at all with this claim of the radical activists.

11. What impact on traditional marriage do you believe this kind of classroom instruction will have in the future? Respondents in every state said this would have a negative impact on marriage.

12. Do you support laws requiring schools to obtain parents’ permission before their child is exposed to information of a homosexual nature? Strong majorities of responses support such laws.

13. What impact on traditional marriage do you believe homosexual teaching would have in the future? Again, overwhelming majorities felt such politicized instruction will have a negative impact on marriage.

14. Are you will to take a moral stand against pro-homosexual classroom curriculum by taking grassroots action against the organizations who promote it? The vast majority of CWA members were willing to make this commitment to make their voices heard in the public square.

15. Will you help Concerned Women for America as we stand strong for Biblical principles and against the radical homosexual agenda in our schools? CWA members were nearly unanimous in their willingness to help as CWA joins hands with each of them to stand for righteousness.

Wow, who ever would have guessed that CWA activists and supporters would be opposed to the “radical homosexual agenda” which is destroying the “moral landscape of our nation” and trying to “force ‘gay marriage’ on the American public”?

I look forward to the upcoming survey of PETA members to tell us how America feels about mink coats and leather shoes.