Cruz Touts Endorsement Of Activist Who Says ‘Gay Sharia’ Is A Bigger Threat Than ISIS

As we have noted again and again, it seems that there is no right-wing activist too extreme for Sen. Ted Cruz’s presidential campaign to embrace. We got yet another piece of evidence of this today when the Cruz campaign released a list of endorsements from 50 conservative Catholics, among them John Zmirak.

Zmirak, an editor of James Robison’s website The Stream, has warned of such things as “gay Sharia” in America and suggested that the Senate block all Democratic Supreme Court nominees until a Republican is elected president. (Both of these things might actually endear him to Cruz, who is a notorious obstructionist and once warned of the gay “jihad.”)

Some of Zmirak’s greatest hits:

  • He warned of the imminent genocide of American Christians, saying that Christians are “going to see ourselves reduced to the status of second-class citizens the way Christians are in countries like Egypt and Syria.”

  • He called for boycotts of Apple and Walmart after the companies opposed “right to discriminate” laws in Indiana and Arkansas, saying that Christians shouldn’t patronize “companies that want to persecute us.”
  •  He claimed that gay rights are a greater threat to the U.S. than ISIS and are imposing “gay Sharia.”

  • In praising the Center for Medical Progress’ smear on Planned Parenthood, he said approvingly, “If that continues, they’re going to need to put police in front of Planned Parenthood clinics to keep them safe and intact because the public outrage will just be so great.” After a gunman did attack a Planned Parenthood clinic in Colorado, Zmirak claimed that “if terrorism and violence become an issue in the abortion debate, it will be the pro-choicers attacking pro-lifers and attacking churches.”

  • Not only does he want Senate Republicans to block Obama’s Supreme Court nominee this year, but wants them to block all future nominees from Democratic presidents: “As justices retire or die the court will simply grow smaller. Big deal. America will muddle through.”