“Criminalizing Homosexuality — The First Line of Defense”

The Washington Post reports that some students at Pat Robertson’s Regent University are displeased with all the recent coverage of Bob McDonnell’s thesis and concerned that it might lead to people pigeonholing them all as right-wing reactionaries. For the piece, the Post’s Ian Shapira took a look through some of Regent’s theses archive and found some rather remarkable titles from years past which probably will not help to dispel that notion:

Student theses archived at Regent’s library reveal a generational difference between the school’s early years in the 1980s, when it was known as Christian Broadcasting Network University, and its recent history. Early theses have titles such as “The Role of the Press in Disseminating Communist Propaganda as a Foreign Policy Strategy of Totalitarian Governments,” and “Homosexuals’ American Dream . . . or Nightmare,” a study that advocated “Criminalizing Homosexuality — The First Line of Defense.”