CPAC: Paul Ryan’s Pretzel Logic

The Conservative Political Action Conference is currently underway and the first speaker, Congressman Paul Ryan, sought to rally the GOP’s shock troops by proclaiming that “the Republican Party’s road out of the wilderness leads through CPAC” and then offering up a rather convoluted explanation of why they have been devastated at the polls in recent elections.

One of the articles of faith among those on the Right is that their party has suffered at the polls in recent years because the GOP has abandoned the conservative agenda, not that voters have rejected that agenda. 

Of course, in order for that sort of argument to make sense, you have take it to its logical conclusion by arguing that the massive Democratic wins in the last two election cycles were, in reality, wins for conservative values – which is exactly the argument Ryan made during his speech:

If you are so inclined, you can watch CPAC’s live stream here.