CPAC: Back to the Future with Sen. DeMint

Were it not for the occasional mention of President Obama and current political developments, you’d be forgiven for thinking that this is a twenty-year old clip of Sen. Jim DeMint, rather than a speech he delivered just this morning, in which he explains that government is the cause of all of our problems and the only solution is more freedom:

“Government is out of control and freedom is the only solution. In America, freedom is built on the principles and values that are derived from Judeo-Christian religious convictions. If we allow this government to continue to purge religion and faith and religious values and the principles that are derived from them from our culture, we will lose our freedom.”

DeMint also warns that “if we allow Congress and the President to continue to ignore the Constitution and compromise the rule of law, we will lose our freedom” … but presumably that is meant as a criticism of the month-old Obama Administration rather than as a call to investigate the actions of the Bush Administration: