Coulter to Speak, Limbaugh to be Hailed at CPAC

Remember last year when the hosts of the Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC) decided not to give Ann Coulter her traditional speaking role at the event because, the year before, she had called John Edwards a “faggot”? Well, apparently, all has been forgiven

Coulter still spoke last year, of course, but was relegated to a back room where she was the guest of several of the conference’s sponsors.  And now, as the conservative movement tries to figure out its course of action under a Democratic president and Congress, it looks like CPAC organizers have decided to place her front and center once again by giving her, and several other right-wing blowhards, prime speaking spots at the event:

The latest schedule for the Conservative Political Action Conference in Washington, D.C. late February: Possible presidential candidates include Rep. Paul Ryan (WI), speaking Thursday, Rep. Mike Pence (IN), speaking Thursday — he’s invited, not confirmed — Gov. Mike Huckabee, on Thursday, Gov. Sarah Palin, on Thursday — invited, not confirmed, and Rep. John Shadegg (AZ). On Friday, Sen. John Cornyn speaks in the early morning; Newt Gingrich hosts a screening of a movie about Ronald Reagan. Ron Paul and Mitt Romney speak in the afternoon. On Saturday, Rick Santorum begins the day and Gov. Tim Palwenty is an invites speaker. The lovely Ann Coulter speaks at noon. And Rush Limbaugh finishes the conference.

Indeed, according to the schedule, Coulter and Limbaugh are slotted to speak in the Regency Ballroom, which is the hub of the entire conference, on the final day … and Limbaugh is going to be awarded with a “Defender of the Constitution Award” to close out the whole event.