Conservative Commentator Dennis Prager: ‘Normal’ Women of Color Would Ignore Trump’s Racism for a Job

(Screenshot / PragerU)

Conservative commentator Dennis Prager argued yesterday that “normal” black and Hispanic women would overlook a president’s racism if doing so meant they would be employed when they otherwise would not be.

During Prager’s most recent “Fireside Chat” episode broadcast through his PragerU YouTube channel, Prager recounted reading a newspaper article that reported that black and Hispanic women in the United States were experiencing the lowest rate of unemployment since those statistics were recorded. Prager folded it into a broader point that he was making to defend President Donald Trump’s crass and racist remarks.

“Let me ask you a question, because [Trump is] always called a racist. I don’t believe he’s a racist, but let’s put that aside. Let’s assume he is. I don’t assume that, but let’s say he is. Let’s say he really dislikes non-whites, which I don’t believe for a nanosecond—say the third time—but let’s say it were true,” Prager said. “You are a black woman or a Hispanic woman, and you have been wanting a job for years. You finally have a job, thanks to the economic policies of the president of the United States, whom you think is a racist.”

Prager continued, “OK, so here’s my question to you, this theoretical black or Hispanic woman who is now employed: What is more important to you? A president whom you think loves Hispanics and blacks, but you’re unemployed? Or a president you think doesn’t like Hispanics and blacks, but you have a job? What would you prefer if you were given that choice? If you are normal, and I’m sorry to use that term, if you’re normal, you would far prefer to have the job and have a president who you think didn’t like you.”

[h/t Jason Campbell]