Conservative Columnist: Robert Mueller Should Be Fired For Indicting Paul Manafort

Gayle Trotter appears on Fox News' "Hannity." (Screenshot/

Gayle Trotter, a conservative columnist at The Hill and commentator for Fox News, told Religious Right radio host Sandy Rios that special counsel Robert Mueller should have been fired yesterday after he indicted former Trump campaign chairman Paul Manafort.

Trotter joined Rios this morning to discuss reports yesterday that Mueller had indicted Manafort on counts of money laundering and conspiracy against the United States. Trotter warned that the indictment shows that any person who volunteers for a campaign could be ensnared in “an investigation with almost unlimited resources” while investigators try to take down the “true target of the political operation.”

“This is truly an abuse of power and Rod Rosenstein is supposed to be overseeing this investigation and he should have fired Mueller yesterday when this indictment came out,” Trotter said. “And if he couldn’t have fired Mueller, for whatever personal reason he didn’t want to do that, he should resign because he is not fulfilling his duty of overseeing the special counsel so that it does not become outside the scope of what a special counsel investigation should be.”

“Well of course,” Rios responded. “The plain truth is that Rosenstein is up to his ears in the earlier investigation started by Mueller—the guy in question now—and then carried on by [James] Comey of actually, not just collusion, not talking about it, but actually selling 20 percent of our uranium to the Russians. Rosenstein’s name is all over the documents that did that.”