Concerned Women Outraged By Breast Cancer Report

You’d think that with a name like Concerned Women for America, the group would be concerned about women and their health and support efforts to inform women on the proper way to conduct regular breast exams.

But you’d be wrong, because that is what the Washington, DC ABC affiliate tried to do yesterday with this report entitled “Touch of Life: The Guide to Self-Breast Examination” in which they showed a woman giving herself such an exam.  As ABC explained: 

We are about to teach you how to potentially save your life by showing a full breast examination.  Our very brave volunteer is unclothed so that a doctor can show both her and you the proper way to catch breast cancer. In all of our reporting, we were amazed to find the vast majority of women had no idea how to do a breast exam, when to do it, and how often they should do it.” 

CWA’s Wendy Wright was outraged,accusing ABC of exploiting women and using nudity to bolster its ratings during “sweeps”:

“It could be done on a model or mannequin. It can be done through diagrams. & This is exploiting women in order to exploit the audience,” said Wendy Wright of Concerned Women for America, a conservative group that promotes biblical values. “It’s pretty clear that there’s one point in doing this, and that is to try and increase their ratings.”