Concerned Women for America, Confused on Sanford

A few days ago, Kyle mentioned that one Focus on the Family state affiliate, the Palmetto Family Council, couldn’t quite make up their mind on whether or not to call for South Carolina Governor Mark Sanford’s resignation.

Then, their national organization, Focus on the Family, spoke, albeit rather softly, about the governor’s actions. It seemed a good deal of family values organizations were having a difficult time deciding how to react when a “family-values” governor goes against the family values they preach about.

It seems, today, that Concerned Women for America have outdone the indecisiveness of both the Palmetto Family Council and Focus on the Family. On Thursday, CWA published an article in which they chastised the governor for his “teary press conference” and showing “no emotion as he talked about betraying and hurting his wife and sons.”

But, let’s look at the facts. Gov. Sanford turned to Mrs. Chapur again and again via e-mail and long-distance visits; there is no evidence that he attempted to turn away from temptation. Gov. Sanford was not honest in his accounting of the times they got together. Amazingly, even after his wife accidentally learned of the affair, Gov. Sanford asked her repeatedly for permission to go to Argentina to see Mrs. Chapur. 

Can you imagine anything more bizarre? He asked his wife for permission to go visit his mistress!

When a politician won’t keep his commitments to his family (the philanderers are generally men), how can we trust him to keep his commitments to the public he represents? If his wife and children can’t trust his word and depend upon his character, how can we?

CWA had their course laid out and it seemed their stance could be easily deciphered…until today, that is.

The CWA’s president, Wendy Wright, has written an article commenting on the affair and, of course, blaming the media for “salivat[ing] over the juicy details” of it. Wright does acknowledge Sanford’s failings, but reels back heavily from the rhetoric of CWA’s first statement on the issue. She pleads for a “civil and sober moment to sympathize with Gov. Mark Sanford and his family.”

As we watched his heartrending press conference on Wednesday, our immediate thoughts were for his family. Confessing his infidelity, apologizing to his family and loyal friends, recognizing that breaching God’s law carries serious consequences, it was a stark contrast to other politicians caught cheating who act defiantly.

Christians understand that humans are broken, all of us are sinners in need of redemption through a Savior, Jesus Christ. God has given us high moral standards, and we commit to help each other to live up to them. People fail (as we all do in some manner). The conversation at that point is: Is the person sorry, willing to make amends, and do all it takes not to fall again?

So, CWA, is Sanford an “untrustworthy, not credible, [person who] treats those closest to him with disdain” or is he “a stark contrast to other politicians caught cheating who act defiantly?”