‘Concerned Women’ Decry Access to Contraception

“There’s a utopian view that women ought to be able to have sex any time they want to without consequences that’s the bottom line of all these bills,” said Janice Crouse of Concerned Women for America on congressional efforts to prevent unwanted pregnancies – and thus reduce abortion.

In particular, this supposed sex-driven “utopian view” is about the availability and use of contraception. The bills include measures to expand access to contraceptives and funding for comprehensive sex education, which teaches both abstinence and safer sex. In addition, Congress is considering the Access to Birth Control Act, which would ensure women can fill contraceptive prescriptions at pharmacies. CWA, which holds that pharmacists should be able to withhold prescriptions based on their personal beliefs, says the bill “would criminalize ‘Freedom of choice.’”

Eighty percent of adults agree that birth control should be accessible and that it should be dispensed without discrimination or delay and covered by health insurance, according to a new poll. The Lake Research Partners poll also found 88 percent support for teaching comprehensive sex education.