‘Commissioner Gordon’: Gordon Klingenschmitt Is Making Another Bid for Office

Gordon Klingenschmitt is making another run for public office​, this time for a county position in Colorado.

In 2014, religious right activist Gordon “Dr. Chaps” Klingenschmitt won a seat in the Colorado House of Representatives despite his long history of saying truly outrageous things, such as bragging of once having rid of woman of the “foul spirit of lesbianism” through an exorcism, warning that the FCC was allowing demonic spirits to “molest and visually rape your children,” and asserting that the Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell policy should never have been repealed since gay soldiers cannot serve effectively in combat because they are constantly “taking breaks on the combat field to change diapers all because their treacherous sin causes them to lose control of their bowels.”

Klingenschmitt’s views were so radical that his election made national news, and—predictably—his term in office was repeatedly marked by controversy, as he was at one point stripped of a committee assignment after saying that a brutal attack on a pregnant woman in Colorado was the result of “the curse of God upon America” for allowing legal abortion.

After just one term in office, Klingenschmitt ran for a seat in the state Senate, only to be trounced in the Republican primary. After leaving office, Klingenschmitt then sought to become vice chair of the El Paso County GOP, once again going down in defeat.

Early in 2019, Klingenschmitt ran for a seat on the City Council in Colorado Springs, but again failed in his bid for office.

Undaunted, Klingenschmitt has now announced that he is running for County Commissioner in El Paso County, Colorado … and he has begun billing himself as “Commissioner Gordon” after the character in the Batman comics.

Breaking:”Commissioner Gordon” Klingenschmitt runs for Office

I have wonderful news to share.

I’m running for County Commissioner in the greatest county in Colorado, El Paso County District 2, as a candidate from the Republican party.

After nearly beating two incumbents for city council by less than 1%, I am encouraged that voters want conservative leadership in Colorado Springs, Peyton, Calhan, and the surrounding towns of Northeast El Paso County.

Sadly, our Governor Jared “The Joker” Polis has worked to take away our gun rights, radicalize our schools, give away our electoral votes, and steal from the oil and gas sector, raising your energy bills.

We need a “Batman” type of conservative warrior, and if elected I will literally be your “Commissioner Gordon” to stand up for you.

Here are my priorities:
1)  Lower your taxes.  (Why are county sales taxes higher than Boulder/Denver?)
2)  Prioritize road repair in the county budget, and lessen Polis’ state socialism.
3)  Defend your Constitutional rights, including gun rights.
4)  Fight crime, support our deputies, and make sure we’re not a sanctuary county.
5)  Defend our values like Religious Freedom and Pro-Life.
6)  Stop the runaway bureaucracy (why is their pay 3x the median income?)
7)  Better faster cheaper county government.

Let’s fight Jared “the Joker” Polis!
Elect “Commissioner Gordon” for El Paso County District 2.

Klingenschmitt has also been very open about his belief that Christians must run for office so that the church can “take over the government” and implement the will of God here on earth.

“The church should become the state,” Klingenschmitt said in 2017. “The church should take over the government.”