Colson: Republicans Who Won’t Make Marriage An Election Issue Are “Full of Prunes”

For the last few weeks, we’ve been chronicling Chuck Colson’s plan to raise up a nationwide opposition to gay marriage in an attempt to sway the Supreme Court by demonstrating that Americans will not tolerate any decision that recognizes marriage equality.

And he is still at it, again making it the focus of his newest “Two Minute Warning” video. In this one, Colson says that Republicans have taken social conservatives for granted for too long and this year are trying to downplay social issues in order to focus on economic issues as a winning election strategy.  That is obviously unacceptable, so it is up to Christians to tell them “they are full of prunes, our consciences cannot sit on the back burner” (skip ahead to the 2:40 mark):

Colson also apparently intends to use the Dominionist/7 Mountains-themed Pray and ACT organization founded by Jim Garlow and intimately tied to Lou Engle and The Call as a means of mobilizing activists for his crusade, as his likeness is now featured all over the Pray and ACT website and he’s even recorded a video touting its importance: