CNN Hands Over the Reins to Robertson’s Brody

Buried on the National Journal’s Hotline blog is this intriguing little nugget:

Election Countdown: View from the Right features’s Amanda Carpenter, Washington Times’ Brian DeBose, Weekly Standard’s Stephen Hayes and ex-Romney press sec. Kevin Madden (CNN, SAT, 5pm).

It seems that CNN has decided that the weekend before the election is as good a time as any to give conservative commentators an hour of free airtime to lay out their agenda.  If CNN is also planning on giving liberals an hour to talk about the election, I haven’t heard anything about it.  

To make it even better, it’s being hosted by David Brody of Pat Robertson’s Christian Broadcasting Network:

The Brody File will be hosting a one hour political roundtable show this weekend on CNN.

It will be an Election special devoted to how conservatives view this 2008 election and the future of the GOP.

I’ll be hosting the show and the roundtable will include Kevin Madden, Stephen Hayes, Amanda Carpenter and Brian Debose.

It will air this Saturday from 5pm-6pm and again on Sunday at 2pm.

I’ve criticized Brody several times before, especially for his incessant coverage of the Jeremiah Wright issue, and wondered why CNN keeps giving him airtime, which Brody brags is a great opportunity to expose people to Pat Robertson’s worldview.

But apparently CNN has decided that what the country needs to hear before they go to the polls next week are the views of a bunch of conservatives moderated by Pat Robertson’s in-house journalist.