Club for Growth’s Millions Fail in Nevada

Last week disparate Right Wing groups converged on a GOP primary in Michigan and defeated an incumbent congressman who had been endorsed by Bush. Leading the charge against Rep. Joe Schwarz was the anti-government Club for Growth PAC, which sent over $1 million to the race. Along with another primary victory in Colorado, the Club crowed that they were 8 for 2 in their strategy of sending massive amounts of cash to primary races to drive the Republican Party further to the Right.

But this week the Club tasted the “agony of defeat” when Sharron Angle narrowly lost the GOP primary in Nevada’s second district. The Club for Growth’s 527 group spent $1 million on independent expenditures on the race, including this ad, typical of their style, which concludes “DEAN HELLER = BIG LIBERAL.”

Similarly, the anti-immigrant Minuteman PAC had also actively opposed Schwarz in Michigan and had then turned its sights on supporting Angle, running a TV ad saying Angle would “stop coddling illegals.”