Cliff Kincaid Added to LaBarbera’s Anti-Gay Hate-Fest

Last month we noted that Peter LaBarbera’s Americans for Truth would be hosting a three-day training conference for anti-gay activists featuring a who’s who of the most hostile voices in the movement, including LaBarbera, Robert Knight, Ryan Sorba, and Matt Barber. 

Today Accuracy in Media’s Cliff Kincaid, who shares a LaBarbera-level hatred for gays, has now been added to the list of instructors, which explains why he is now writing glowing columns about the conference warning that it is our only hope of save America from its “moral suicide” as gays seek to kill themselves and everyone else:

LaBarbera is one of those brave few taking a leadership role in the effort to preserve traditional American social and religious values. Fighting off the predictable smears of “hater” and “homophobe” from the gay-run Media Matters group and the Southern Poverty Law Center, he and his associates will be gathering near Chicago from August 5-7 to educate the next generation—and their parents—about the consequences if homosexuality is promoted in the schools and by the federal government. This is when AFTAH is launching a Truth Academy on how to fight the “gay agenda.” I am honored to be invited to be a part of this effort. I will be discussing gay influence on the media and the homosexual drive for the “right” to donate possibly infected and contaminated blood to the nation’s blood supply.

Adults and young people alike are encouraged to sign up for this much-needed effort to organize the pro-family forces in America. The issue is just as important as the massive debt and deficits that are threatening to financially bankrupt the nation. The cost to attend the AFTAH Truth Academy is only $99 for students, $199 for adults, and $299 for couples.

A tentative list of instructors is proof that the three-day event will provide all of the evidence you need to understand that acceptance of homosexuality is not only a health hazard to those practicing this “lifestyle” but a historical indicator that our society is going down the drain. As such, you will leave the event convinced that the moral bankruptcy of America has to be avoided, in the same way that we need to keep our nation’s fiscal house in order. The Tea Party, in other words, has to take on a moral dimension. Our crisis is more than money alone.

As noted by Bible scholar William Barclay, Paul’s remarks seemed, at first glance, like the work of “some almost hysterical moralist” at the time. But it was “an age of moral suicide,” Barclay said, explaining that “Society from top to bottom was riddled with unnatural vice. Fourteen out of the first fifteen Roman Emperors were homosexuals.”

We haven’t reached that state of affairs in America quite yet. But we are fast approaching it … On the gay rights front, things are also moving forward for the progressives and their libertarian brethren. In fact, the Gay & Lesbian Leadership Institute boasts that Obama has already appointed a “record number” of openly LGBT (lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgendered) individuals. Perhaps we are catching up with Rome more quickly than anybody realizes.

But don’t get the idea that these people are serving just so they can prove they can do the job and be left alone. They are in positions of power for a reason. Their “job” is to use the power of the federal government to promote homosexuality. One of the most significant appointments is John Berry as the director of the Office of Personnel Management, with jurisdiction over 1.9 million federal employees and 2.5 million retirees.

Tragically, while the gays continue to expand their “rights” in the government and private sectors, they are killing themselves in greater numbers—and pushing policies that threaten the lives of the rest of us. This is where we need real “compassionate conservatism”—not to condemn these people but save them from themselves. And save ourselves and our children in the process.