Cindy Jacobs Prophesies Obama ‘Cover-up,’ Prays for Religious Right Leaders

During Tuesday’s prayer event hosted by the Family Research Council and Generals International, Cindy Jacobs read and endorsed a prophecy by Sam Brassfield, the very same “prophet” who worked with Jacobs in prophesying that Interstate-35 is a “Highway of Holiness” that will bring Christian revival, declines in drug and alcohol abuse and gays leaving homosexuality. According to the prophecy, God will use “blizzard conditions” to “freeze the plans of the enemies” by erasing the Obama administration’s global LGBT rights initiative and that “a great cover-up is about to be exposed concerning Obama and the White House”:

Jacobs later prayed against the supposed media “blackout” of anti-gay activists and the separation of church and state. She also asked to strengthen and amplify the voices of Family Research Council president Tony Perkins, Bishop Harry Jackson, Maryland Marriage Alliance spokesman Derek McCoy, and right-wing pseudo historian David Barton, then called upon the Lion of Judah to “shake your mane over Washington and roar!’


We decree a free press. We decree that their righteousness will come into the media realm. We decree in the name of Jesus that the separation of church and state and the blackouts, allowing righteous people to say what we really believe, Father we pull that down and we decree now that we will have our First Amendment right as Christians will be maintained but we can speak in the media on biblical defense of marriage, Lord strengthen Bishop Harry, Lord strengthen Tony Perkins, Lord strengthen David Barton, strengthen Derek McCoy and these others that are speaking up. We decree, you will give them a loud voice. And finally, Lord, you showed me that you, the Lion of Judah were about to stand up and shake your mane over Washington and roar! So Lion of Judah, shake your mane and roar! Roar! Roar! Roar! Roar!