Cindy Jacobs: God Has A ‘Skilled, Surgical, Precise Solution’ In Place To Neutralize The Threat From North Korea

In the middle of televangelist Jim Bakker’s talk show last week, self-proclaimed prophet Cindy Jacobs received a message from God about the national security of the United States, announcing that she “decreed” that the Lord would “expose, expose, and expose” terrorist threats to the U.S. “in the name of Jesus.”

These visions, according to Jacobs, are “an anointing and an authority and an intercession” from God that allow her “to avert disasters” from occurring in the United States.

“Even right now the Lord is saying to me,” Jacobs proclaimed, “there is something major being planned, that in God’s will it’s going to exposed. So let’s agree together: Father, in the name of Jesus, we decree the exposure of terrorist attacks.”

More specifically, God’s message to Jacobs was directed at North Korea: “God gave us this word in Spanish the other day,” Jacobs yelled. “BASTA! Meaning STOP IT.” This, she said, indicated to her that “even Kim Jong Un is going to have to stop.”

Jacobs asserts that “the Lord showed” her how He already has a plan in place that will involve “some skilled, surgical, precise, solution to what’s happening in North Korea.”

In addition to bilingual messages about North Korea, the Lord also told Jacobs that Christians must build a spiritual wall around America in order to prevent “Satan,” who is “looking for a place “or “an entry point” into the United States, from doing “great damage.”