Chuck Pierce Dreams Of Overturning A Boat Full Of Homosexuals

Chuck Pierce, one of the elders of the dominionist apostolic movement within Pentecostal Christianity, is a featured speaker at a conference being held this week in Colorado Springs. The event, organized by Dutch Sheets Ministries, is a follow-up to the gathering of apostles and prophets who met in Washington earlier this year, where they prayed for God to unleash angel armies to destroy President Trump’s deep state enemies and sweep justices off the Supreme Court so that Trump can name more replacements.

On Friday morning, Pierce told attendees that we have entered a new season since God made Trump move the U.S. embassy in Israel to Jerusalem, and that a new era of boldness is being bestowed on His followers.

During the course of his remarks, Pierce told people about a recent dream:

I had a dream last night. It was five of us, we were going on a steamboat down the Mississippi, full, and I looked at them and they said who are we going to be ministering to? I said, it is a whole homosexual convention on that steamboat and God’s sending us into it to turn it upside down and bring the river into the steamboat.