Chuck Colson Will Never Say “Gay Marriage” Again

During the first Pray and Act webcast, we noticed the Chuck Colson had declared that he was no longer going to tolerate the use of the phrase “gay marriage” because “there is no such thing. There can’t be gay marriage. Marriage is a man and a woman.”

It turns out that Colson is entirely serious about refusing to use the term “gay marriage” and even made it the focus of one of his recent “Two Minute Warning” videos where he likened the term to George Orwell’s “Newspeak” while, rather ironically, simultaneously vowing to completely erase the term from his own vocabulary and website: 

Look folks, when we Christians use the phrase “gay marriage” in public discourse, we’re simply letting so-called gay marriage proponents manipulate the meaning of words and in the end, empty the word “marriage” of its profound meaning.

This is what C.S. Lewis called “verbicide” – we’re killing the meanings of words and the concepts behind them.

This is what George Orwell referred to him his book “1984” when he talked about Newspeak and the so-called Ministry of Truth which sought to control people through the manipulation of words.

So here’s what I’m going to do: from now on I’m pledging to you that you will never hear me say “same-sex marriage” or “gay marriage” again and you won’t find the terms on our websites going forward.

Instead, you’ll only here them referred to as “so-called gay marriage” or “gay unions” I can call same-sex relationships any number of things: unions, contracts, arrangements. But I will not call them marriage because that’s not what they are! So-called gay marriage is simply an impossibility.