Christian Nationalist Rick Joyner Promotes Janet Porter’s Congressional Bid 

Anti-choice activist and congressional candidate Janet Porter (Image from campaign video)

Rick Joyner, a dominionist leader and hard-right political activist, is urging his followers to support the congressional candidacy of anti-abortion activist Janet Porter, who is running in a crowded Republican primary in Ohio’s 13th  Congressional District. The primary election is tomorrow, May 3.

Porter is best known for her campaigns to criminalize abortion, but as Right Wing Watch has reported, she is also a longtime opponent of LGBTQ equality and a promoter of extreme conspiracy theories about liberals’ supposed plans to “criminalize Christianity” and lock up conservatives in concentration camps.

Joyner has repeatedly warned that the United States is heading for civil war and claimed that God has “seeded our country” with “good militias” run by military veterans experienced in urban warfare.

During President Barack Obama’s second term, Joyner said that martial law—in his words, “a military takeover”—was the only hope to save the United States from destruction. Joyner is a big fan of former President Donald Trump; early in his administration, Joyner described opposition to Trump as  “satanic,”

In a Monday morning email to supporters of Joyner’s Christian nationalist Oak Initiative, Joyner praised Folger for pushing so-called “heartbeat” bills even when other anti-choice leaders were taking a more incrementalist approach toward their shared goal of banning abortion nationwide. With ever-more-complete abortion bans being put into law around the country, Porter is taking a victory lap and seeking a perch in Congress to promote the rest of her agenda. Joyner said he would “pay a lot” to see Porter “taking on ‘the squad’ in Congress.”

Porter’s candidacy has also been endorsed by former Gov. Mike Huckabee, whom she backed as God’s chosen candidate for the presidency in 2007, and by a long list of anti-choice and Christian nationalist activists, including Family Research Council Executive Vice President Jerry Boykin, longtime Council for National Policy leader Bob McEwen, pseudo-historian David Barton, California-based pastor Jim Garlow, Colorado-based pastor Andrew Wommack, and a handful of other current and former members of Congress, including Michele Bachmann, Jody Hice, Louie Gohmert, Trent Franks, Steve King, Brian Babin, and Doug LaMalfa.

Joyner’s Oak Initiative describes its purpose as “being a part of an historical shift in a nation that is called to a destiny by God to disciple other nations.” Joyner’s Monday email made it clear that he is expecting a Republican sweep in this year’s elections but that such a sweep will only be a step toward the “complete” victory of “seeing the light of truth restored to our land”:

Because so many of our Oak members are engaged in campaigns for the November elections, we are looking for a time after the first of the year for our next Oak Initiative Summit. It appears there will be a “red tide” in this election, but it is critical that we not lose our momentum as often happens after a political victory. We must follow up every victory with increasing resolve to not relax until the victory is complete. Our victory is not just winning elections, but seeing the light of truth restored to our land that will turn back the increasing darkness! This will take initiative, and keeping the initiative is what we are here for. We cannot let either victory or defeat stop us until the victory is complete. We will be in touch as soon as the Summit plans are finalized. In the meantime, don’t wait for the Summit. Go after any giants you see.

Oak Initiative board members include FRC’s Boykin, “prophet” Cindy Jacobs, and promoter of Seven Mountains Dominionism Lance Wallnau.