Christian Nationalist Lance Wallnau Prays That God Will Raise Up More ‘Great Leaders’ Like Reps. Greene, Gaetz, and Cawthorn

Unabashed Christian nationalist and self-proclaimed “futurist” Lance Wallnau held a livestream on his Facebook page Tuesday night in which he prayed that God will bring “such a cleansing of a House in November” that Congress will be filled with Christian nationalists and “great leaders” like Reps. Marjorie Taylor Greene, Matt Gaetz, and Madison Cawthorn.

Wallnau, a Trump-loving Seven Mountains Dominionist who had regular access to the White House during the Trump administration, prayed that “the Christian populace would begin to rise up to restore the nation” by unleashing “a backlash against the elite” in the midterm elections.

“I pray for a moment when you will raise up, Lord,” Wallnau prayed. “Your wisdom is greater than ours, but I believe you’ve given us this understanding that there’s a moment to put a backlash against the elites and to cause your church to rise up. We’re not leading right now, Lord. We’re not a big voice right now. Nobody’s quoting us except for an apology.”

“Lord, I pray that you will raise up spirit-inspired leaders of the populist movement,” he continued. “That even in America, the Christian populists would begin to rise up to restore the nation; Christian nationalists that love America and that are sane and rational and want to see America not destroyed by the globalists. I pray that you raise a church that is so powerful and so disruptive to the agendas of these elites that Psalm 2 has to happen: Why do the heathen rage and the rulers imagine a vain thing?”

“Let a movement arise that restrains these elites, Lord,” Wallnau said. “Lord, I pray that you would do it in the United States, that we would have such a such a cleansing of a House in November. Oh God, give us leaders like Marjorie Taylor Greene and Matt Gaetz, give us great leaders like [Madison] Cawthorn. Give us great leaders that will rise up and be mouthpieces, bold, on fire, clear, articulate, and on fire with their subject. Let freedom ring, Lord.”