Christian Coalition: Bart Stupak Is a Traitor Just Like Benedict Arnold and Julius & Ethel Rosenberg

It seems that the passage of health care reform legislation has awakened the fury in the Christian Coalition. 

Earlier this week, they compared its passage to Pearl Harbor and 9/11 and now they are back labeling Rep. Bart Stupak a traitor on par with Benedict Arnold, Julius & Ethel Rosenberg … and Jane Fonda:

Nearly all Americans, even students in America’s politically-correct schools, know who America’s number one traitor is, Benedict Arnold, who escaped to Great Britain avoiding arrest and the noose during the Revolutionary War. Most senior citizens, and other knowledgeable Americans, know who Julius and Ethel Rosenberg are, American communist traitors executed for treason at the height of the Cold War.

And many Americans, and virtually all of us Vietnam War veterans, know the treachery of actress Jane Fonda who actually was in our communist enemy’s capital, Hanoi, Vietnam, at the height of the Vietnam War pretending to shoot down American pilots with a North Vietnamese artillery piece, a photo which gave huge aid and comfort to our communist enemies all over the world.

Which brings us to America’s newest traitor in this infamous list of traitors: Democrat Congressman Bart Stupak from the First Congressional District of Michigan. Last Sunday, Bart Stupak single-handedly provided the enemies of American culture his vote and less than a handful of votes to install socialism (ObamaCare) for the first time in America.

Indeed, on the very morning of the vote for ObamaCare — on the Lord’s Day of all days — Barack Obama and Nancy Pelosi did not have the votes according to one of the most non-partisan voter-counters on Capitol Hill. That is, until Democrat Congressman Bart Stupak made his treacherous pact with Obama and Pelosi.

Let’s get this straight: Arnold aided our British enemies, the Rosenbergs aided our Soviet enemies, Fonda supposedly aided our Vietnamese enemies … and Stupak aided our enemies Nancy Pelosi and Barack Obama?