Chris McDonald ‘Wouldn’t Put It Past’ Democrats to Infect Trump With COVID-19 to Stop the Presidential Debates

During a livestream broadcast Thursday night, radical right-wing conspiracy theorist Chris McDonald suggested that Democrats were responsible for giving President Donald Trump COVID-19 as part of a plot to cancel the upcoming presidential debates.

McDonald was broadcasting live when the news broke that the president and first lady had both tested positive for COVID-19, and McDonald immediately began to voice his suspicions that it was some sort of Democratic attack in response to Joe Biden supposedly having lost the first debate.

“Biden don’t want the debates, they didn’t want the second debate. Now they’ve got a reason to not have the debates,” McDonald said on his “The McFiles” YouTube show.

When a viewer wondered if Democrats had spread the virus in an effort to infect Trump, McDonald said he “wouldn’t put it past them.”

“Normally, I’d say no,” McDonald responded. “I would think they would not do something as evil and wicked as that. But this bunch? I ain’t going to say they wouldn’t. I don’t have any proof they did, but I will tell you this: I wouldn’t put it past them. I wouldn’t put it past them.”

“This throws a monkey wrench into everything,” he added. “You mark my words; they’re going to try to cancel these next two debates. And the reason I know Trump won the debate [Tuesday night] is because the first thing out of the left’s mouth Wednesday morning was, ‘Let’s cancel the two debates.’ Now think about this: They’re screaming, ‘Don’t debate’ Wednesday, two days later your president comes up with COVID-19, along with the first lady? It don’t seem right to me. I don’t have any proof, but it just stinks.”