Chris McDonald Says No President in History Has Been ‘As Sensitive to God’ as Trump

On Wednesday night’s broadcast of “The MC Files,” radical right-wing conspiracy theorist Chris McDonald interviewed “prophetess” Amanda Grace about how God has supposedly been preparing President Donald Trump throughout his life to lead the United States through the current COVID-19 coronavirus outbreak.

“For such a time as this is why President Trump has been raised up into this position,” Grace said. “This type of leadership is needed, OK? He may have not been wanted by a lot of the nation, but he is needed for this time, for this hour. This is the reason he has gone through everything he has gone through in his life. It all intersects at this point, right now. It is truly for such a time as this, and the Lord wasted nothing, and every experience that man had prepared him to do this work that is in this hour crucial.”

“It takes a brilliant mind to attempt to orchestrate all of this and lead a nation through an entire epidemic and crisis,” she continued. “It takes a certain caliber of leadership, and the Lord saw ahead when the Lord caused an unprecedented election to happen.”

Grace claimed that Trump uses his private time to commune with God, and McDonald readily agreed.

“He’s got a prophetic mantle on him in the sense that he’s been called to a prophetic time,” McDonald said. “He is a man unlike any I have ever seen that is so sensitive to God in the sense that he is trying his best—and he may not do it correctly all the time, he’s never going to get right all the time—but Amanda, he’s trying. I see it in him. He’s trying so hard to listen to God.”

“He’s trying so hard to listen to God and let God rule through him in the nation,” McDonald continued. “We’ve never had a president, going all the way back to George Washington, even the early presidents were not as sensitive to God as this one is.”