Cheney “Being Cruel to Her Child” Simply By Having It

Virulent homophobe and crackpot anti-gay “researcher” Paul Cameron of the Family Research Institute weighs in on the news that Mary Cheney and her partner are expecting a child.  

It’ll come as no surprise that Cameron is not exactly wishing the couple well

“By this selfish action, Cheney is not merely disrupting society, she is being cruel to her child: 

  • Mary, 37, is currently ‘partnered’ with Heather Poe, 45. The median age of death for lesbians is around the late 50’s. If Poe and Cheney stay together, odds are this child will lose at least one caretaker before graduating high school.
  • Children of homosexuals testify that day-to-day living is more difficult – and they are more apt to report personal disturbance as a consequence.
  • A high proportion of lesbian ‘partnerings’ break apart — with custody issues haunting the child for the rest of his life.
  • The child will disproportionately associate with homosexuals – who are as a class considerably more apt to have STDs and a criminal history, be interested in sex with children, involved in substance abuse, etc.
  • The child will have a much higher probability of learning homosexual tastes (at least a third of lesbian’s children adopt homosexuality).
  • If Cameron had his way, he’d probably have Cheney and her partner arrested for child endangerment for simply daring to have a child in the first place.